Questions about Our Products

You pretty much get what you pay for !!  When you buy Brand X Detailer at a big box store or your chain auto parts store, it may be made in China and contain who knows what !! 

Most spray detailers are at best isopropyl alcohol, maybe with some greasy synthetic wax additive. Ours contains a lot of expensive Carnauba, imported from Brazil. Not inexpensive but good !!

Same goes for waxes; the more carnauba in a wax the more it costs and the longer the finish lasts. Our waxes have twice as much Carnauba as most so ......

Waterless Car Washes - another dark secret; the main ingredient is water; combined with surfactants and again Carnauba. Cheap ones, again Chinese probably, use silicones and petroleum distillates that may actually hurt your car's finish.

Other questions ? Feel free to ask !!

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